Nataša Ranitović

Nataša Ranitović, EuropeSpa Expert & Consultant and President of Cluster Wellness Serbia is the Director and Editor of the Regional Conference of Health, Wellness and Spa Tourism since 2009. Since 2016, Mrs. Ranitović has been the first Global Wellness Day Ambasador in Serbia.

Mrs. Ranitović has 11 years of experience in the wellness industry, as the director of Sunny d.o.o. she has initiated that Sunny d.o.o. becomes the general agent of the German cosmetics company KLAPP in 2005. In time, the business expanded to the import of massage tables and complete SPA equipment for wellness and SPA centers. Today, there is virtually no quality tourism facility, hotel, wellness center or spa, without the products from SUNNY d.o.o.

As the president of the Cluster Wellness Serbia, Mrs. Ranitović is working intensively on the development and promotion of clusters and cluster members, as well as on writing and implementing innovative projects co-financed from domestic and EU funds.