Tobias Bielenstein

Tobias Bielenstein -
Tobias Bielenstein is Head of Marketing and co-owner of
EuropeSpa med & wellness GmbH as well as managing
director of the Roman Thermal Spas of Europe. Further he is
Managing Partner of Branding-Institute CMR AG, a Swiss
think tank for Brand & Reputation Management and owner of
bielenstein consulting GmbH in Bonn/Germany. Other
engagements include his role as vice-president of the
International Brand and Reputation Community (INBREC) and
his memberships in the boards for Marketing & PR of the
European Spas Association (ESPA) and the German Spas
Association (DHV). He is also co-founder of the CSR working
group of the German Association of Public Relations (DPRG)


Template for the abstract of presentation

Marketing Health Destinations: Facing New Competition & A New Marketing Environment

  • Tobias Bielenstein, Managing Director Roman Thermal Spas or Europe/Managing Partner Branding-Institute CMR AG


The paper addresses current issues in destination marketing & marketing management of spa destinations. It is based on the experience of Tobias Bielenstein as managing director of the Roman Thermal Spas of Europe and his insights from his work as managing partner of Branding-Institute where he has run several projects on destination branding and country-of-origin branding. The paper will cover i.a. the issue of competition by new players on the health- and wellness market, the role of destinations brands and it’s hierarchy among the branding cascade in tourism marketing. Based on the experience of past projects and insights from current research it key success factors of strong destinations will be introduced and discussed.

Keywords: Spa destinations, destination branding, destination marketing