dr Nata Ćirić

Basic academic education – Graduate Economist. She acquired her PhD diploma in 2011, on thesis:”Marketing as economic process and concept in perspective development of tourism in Serbia”. Long-standing and various working experience in banking, economy and tourism (in managerial positions) as well as education and health sectors and for the past 11 years she has been working in public institutions – State Administration (in a few ministries).

She is currently employed in the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Tourism sector – as an independent consultant at the position for trade research and development of tourism products. She is especially active in control of the study for determining boundaries of spa areas, works on the strategy for development of Serbian spas, represents the Ministry in public, etc.

She is a winner of numerous business thank-you notes, diplomas and certificates for economic –business, marketing and promotional activities, as well as educational and other projects and courses for knowledge innovation, improvement and development of economic activities. She has got numerous professional activities, pedagogical experience, published books, published scientific papers, projects participations, presented works at conferences and congresses, certificates, thank-you notes, membership in various professional organizations, management and supervisory boards as well as a significant number of awards and recognitions.