Miodrag Miljković

Miodrag Miljkovic was born in Trstenik in 1958. He graduated from the faculty of mechanical engineering, department aero-cosmo-technics, in 1982, after which he improved his knowledge and skills in Great Britain and the USA. He acquired the title of PR manager at the business school PraEduca.

Up to 1993, he had worked at various positions in the company Prva Petoletka – Aviation in Trstenik, after which he founded a marketing agency ‘’Tilt’’. Afterwards, he worked as a marketing and sales director in the company ‘’Omni projekt’’ in Vrnjacka Spa and deputy general manager in the Specialized Hospital ‘’Merkur’’. In June 2007, he was appointed Assistant Minister in the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, and later on he became a State Secretary both in the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Ministry of Internal affairs. Currently, he has been working as a marketing director in the Specialized Hospital ‘’Merkur’’ in Vrnjacka Spa.

From 2003 to 2007, he was a lecturer at European Movement in Serbia, and in 2014 he was awarded ‘’Manager of the year’’ by the Tourism Association of Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the editorial board of the journal for modern hotel management and tourism ‘’Turisticki svet’’ /’’Tourist world’’/. Since May 2017, he has been a president of the Medical and Health Tourism Cluster.


“Fons Romanus, The Wellness Product based on local resources - Water, Mud, Medicine and Tradition“


  • The most important motivational factors for a wellness expirience
  • Welness industry in VRNJAČKA BANJA
  • The expirience of FONS-ROMANUS