Zinka Kosec

Zinka Kosec, spec. lecturer at the Higher Vocational College for Cosmetics and Wellness. In her primary field of organization and management she has focused on studying individual’s engagement in personal and business relations. She has concentrated on researching the field of human resources development and individual’s personal development. She is currently combining this knowledge for the formation of corporate wellness programs.

She has also studied abroad. In Orlando, Florida, she studied neurolinguistic programming skills with Richard Bandler, co-innovator of NLPTM. She successfully uses these skills in her lectures in order to give lectures that are easily rememberable by her students. In India she studied the ancient Ayurvedic wisdom about life. This wisdom gives every object, event or person a special/deeper meaning that enriches the everyday and consequently entire life. In 2016 she participated in the Erasmus+ project (lecturer exchange) and participated in the training at the Kneipp-Academy in Bad Wörishofen (Germany).

Her practical work includes 12 years of entrepreneurial work in her own company which she intertwines with cooperation with other commercial and national organizations. She came in touch with the world of massage therapy as an athlete when she needed fast and efficient body regeneration methods. Massage therapies also helped her become a successful young handball player and a regular member of the youth national team. When she saw the physical and psychological effects of massage therapy she decided to improve her knowledge about it. This was followed by participation in various courses, trainings, voluntary work, etc.

»Working with persons with disabilities has made me more grateful. I am grateful for all that I have, for my family and for the path that was intended for me.«

Working with persons with disabilities added a lot to her personality because it showed her the value and the usefulness of one’s own healthy body. After graduation she worked as a masseuse for sports teams for a short period of time and later spent 5 years working in the Živa Wellness in Bled. During this period she acquired a lot of experiences working with demanding clients and got familiar with the numerous opportunities of the massage therapy in the market.

She upgraded her two-year work at the Ayurganica Ayurvedic centre with the provision of Ayurvedic panchakarma detoxification programs. During this period she also started to provide karmic diagnostics that helps individuals give meaning to individual situation, feelings and … life. She acquired her knowledge about this diagnostics during the two-year biotherapy training under the guidance of Tadej Pretner and Marjan Ogorevc. Soon after, she started to share her knowledge with others, at first in her sports and academic circles, and later also with a wider group of people. She has shared her knowledge in more than 200 different companies with more than 600 individuals.

She is currently educating students (Higher Vocational College for Cosmetics and Wellness, Erudio Education Group) and the participants of other forms of education where she tries to accompany each provided information with its useful value and usefulness to the best extent possible. Such information is especially required by the participants of the Masterclass trainings at the Erudio Beauty Academy where she works as an instructor for various massage techniques.  She also successfully cooperates with the company Glotta nova d.o.o. in the project for acquisition of employment competencies.

Zinka Kosec is the author and co-author of various manuals, lecture notes, and layman and professional articles. She regularly participates at various conferences. At the latest, 25th anniversary conference of the Slovenian Association for Quality and Excellence, she held a lecture about individual’s well-being in digital society. Currently, she spreads her knowledge and upgrades it with research in the field of corporate wellness, which is the topic of her doctoral thesis.

She currently works as the director of the Academy Akcija, institute for active development, which helps individuals and groups take the responsibility for their own life and operation and act accordingly.

“I don’t know what the future will bring, but I know that I would like to share it with others.”

She regularly participates at various conferences, trainings and seminars in as varied fields as possible and tries to implement them in her everyday work.

In the »Iz prve roke« TV programme you can get familiar with my thoughts on well-being at workplace (from minute 38 onwards).