Massimo Giovanetti

 Long  experience in  wellness i spa industry
 Terme di Montecatini Spa, Montecatini Terme (PT)  Sales and Marketing General  Manager, City of  Montecatini Terme

Previous he worked as General Manager at Terme Tettuccio – Montecatini Terme, at Hotel dei Cavalieri (4*), Grotta Giusti Hotel and SPA (4*) and Hotel Tettuccio (4*). He is also lecturer of  Touristc and Spa-Marketing at University of  Tartu, Parnu College, Estonia. He worked as lecturer at University of Palermo, University of Rome – La Sapienza and University of St. Petersburg, Russia.Site Manager for the nomination of the City as  UNESCO World Heritage Site

Historic thermalism and tourism: a new challenge
- Architectural, urbanistic, social, therapeutic and tourist assets of european
   historical thermal towns: how a trend has become an exclusive chance, 
- The UNESCO world heritage: the story and the problems of a serial 
  nomination: the role of the  local management plan  
- The experience of Montecatini Terme: past success and present threads
- Old values  as  opportunities for the future: how traditions could be trendy 
- Marketing strategies for an economic development : the  management of an essential asset 
- The role of wellness tourism
- Political budgets and conservation requests: not only a survival issue
- Scientific value of ancient medicines: evaluations, research, credibility
- Back to nature, self-care and  modern therapies: surviving to Big-Pharma industries