Massimo Giovanetti

Long experience in wellness and spa industry
Terme di Montecatini Spa, Montecatini Terme (PT)  Sales and Marketing General  Manager, City of  Montecatini Terme

Previously, he worked as General Manager at Terme Tettuccio – Montecatini Terme, at Hotel dei Cavalieri (4*), Grotta Giusti Hotel and SPA (4*) and Hotel Tettuccio (4*). He is also lecturer of  Touristc and Spa-Marketing at University of  Tartu, Parnu College, Estonia. He worked as lecturer at University of Palermo, University of Rome – La Sapienza and University of St. Petersburg, Russia.Site Manager for the nomination of the City as  UNESCO World Heritage Site

Historic thermalism and tourism: a new challenge
- Architectural, urbanistic, social, therapeutic and tourist assets of european
   historical thermal towns: how a trend has become an exclusive chance, 
- The UNESCO world heritage: the story and the problems of a serial 
  nomination: the role of the  local management plan  
- The experience of Montecatini Terme: past success and present threads
- Old values  as  opportunities for the future: how traditions could be trendy 
- Marketing strategies for an economic development : the  management of an essential asset 
- The role of wellness tourism
- Political budgets and conservation requests: not only a survival issue
- Scientific value of ancient medicines: evaluations, research, credibility
- Back to nature, self-care and  modern therapies: surviving to Big-Pharma industries