Joachim Lieber

1978   Second state examination of law in Mainz (D), Assessor jur.

1979 - 1987  Legal adviser at the Hessian state parliament, Wiesbaden (D)

1987 - 1991  Director of the ministerial office and press officer of the Hessian Ministry of Justice; Speaker for public relations, Wiesbaden (D)

1991 - 1994  Director „press office, public relations and documentation” in the headquarter of the German National Tourist Board (DZT), Frankfurt/Main (D)

                                      1994 - 1997   Vice General Manager of the German Spas Association, Bonn (D)

1992 - 1994 Vice Chairman of the advisory board of “Wartburg trade & industry”, Eisenach (D)

                                      1998 - 2001  Co-ordinator of the Royal Spas of Europe

 (Association of historical European spas)

1995 - 2016   Secretary-General of the European Spas Association (ESPA), Brussels (B)

2014 - 2016   Project Co-Ordinator of the EU-Project Roman Thermal Spas of Europe

2016             Chairman of the international Association “Quality in Health Prevention”

2016             Election as Hon. Secretary General of the ESPA


Title of lecture:      Frameworks for European Spa Cooperation: ESPA, QuHeP and the Roman Thermal Spas of Europe

 Abstract: Spa destinations and individual providers can only be successful with according national and international initiatives and co-operations. The presentation will introduce the European Spas Association and two most recent international projects, the Quality in Health Prevention Initiative and the Roman Thermal Spas of Europa project.