Ciric Cosmin

Culture of Health


Cîrîc Cosmin-Nicolae, Kinesiotherapist, Aromatherapist, WellnessManager @Therme Bucharest,




Soaking, bathing in natural hot springs is a treasured past time that stepped in thousands of years of tradition around the globe and every single great culture or civilization has its own way on doing so.

A complete sense of Wellbeing and Health can be achieved by protecting and preventing the illness of body, mind and spirit with a complete holistic treatment that contains mineral pools, thermal water, physical activities, nutrition and meditation with natural ingredients and nature similar biochemistry.

With the ongoing Schedule of activities that we have in Therme Bucharest we take care of our guest in a holistic way with complementary activities, alternative therapies and medical devices of the latest generation. A culture of health is implemented in the activity and rituals of the society that lead to emotional health, good behaviours of prevention that ensures good functioning, attention self-care,