Martin La Fontaine



Quality offensive in The Beauty, Wellness and Spa market



La Fontaine, Martin; BBA Uni Mannheim, Founder and CEO IONTO Health & Beauty GmbH, Germany;


For many years the market is growing. Demand is additionally fueled by dubious promises. The resulting risks are recognized by politicians and lobbyists. The consequences are legal regulators for actions that are difficult to fulfill, even prohibitions.
It requires a change in the quality awareness of industry and service providers. Only with good training, safe products and clear demarcation of our service to medicine, we will be taken seriously by the consumer permanently.

In April 2017, the MDR (Medical Device Regulation) was adopted by the European Parliament. Annex XVI also regulates devices for non-medical treatments.
In Germany, the NISV bylaw (Verordnung zum Gesetz gegen nichtionisierende Strahlung) is about to be passed at the end of this year, which regulates the handling of techniques for protection against non-ionizing radiation.
Using the example of the IONTO-SPA Sensity, it is shown which quality requirements the service providers should apply to a treatment couch/spa table.



quality, regulations, safe products