Ioana Marian
Founder & CEO
Secretar General OPTBR

Ambassador of Global Mentorship Program in Romania
Ambassador of Global Wellness Day in Romania
Member Eastern European Initiative
Member in Wellness Tourism Initiativ



Title : Spa culture through centuries in Romania. Best practices in spa resorts using natural resources.


When it comes to natural cure factors, we can easily say that Romania is blessed by nature. The diversity of both thermal and mineral springs, the therapeutic lakes, the moffetas, natural salt mines, herbal remedies or the areas with ionised air are just a few examples of natural factors that made Romania an exceptional health & spa destination before the Roman's times.


Today, the reactions of people hearing about Romania are very different. Some think of Dracula and mysterious legends that have been around for centuries. Others don’t even know exactly where our country is located, but have heard some vague things about it. There are others – let’s just admit it – that think of us as a country that has had its share of less fortunate events or phenomena, with serious repercussions for our national brand. But who truly knows Romania in its pure form? With its asymmetric, but charming hills. Vast plains, flooded with poppy flowers. Fairy tale meadows. Whirling rivers. And possibly the most fascinating feature of all: the fact that these beautiful landscapes make out the home for the most precious local treasures – the natural resources of which our ancestors used to say “if we knew them better, there would be no incurable diseases anymore.” From waters rich in valuable properties to plants that have their home at the foot of the mountains - all known from centuries, the spa resorts of present times make use of these gifts of nature in signature therapies. I have the honour of presenting them to you in at the 10 th CEI Regional Forum for Wellness & Spa Industry, Serbia