Julijana Simić
He has been working at the National Museum in Leskovac since 1993 to research, process and present archaeological material found at ancient sites in Leskovac area. Of the participation in research projects, the most significant are: the Serbo-French archeological project Caricin Grad in the period 1998-2015; project Ethno-archeological park Hisar from 2002-2008, as well as protective archaeological excavations on the route of the highway in Mala Kopašnica from 2012-2016. years. In the presentation of archaeological material, special mention should be made of the co-authorship on the creation of the Permanent Museum Exhibition "Time Machine of Leskovac Region" and the exhibition "Secrets of Archaeological Depots". For this exhibition the author team received, as the best author team in 2017, the prestigious award of the Museum Society of Serbia "Mihailo Valtrovic". He mostly publishes archaeological material and topics related to exploration of the Leskovac area in the Leskovac Proceedings.