Igor Meter


Career built on: luxury trans-ocean cruise ship five star spas within two top companies: Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises.

First ship   joined in year of 2004.

Some fifteen years ago for the first time I set foot in a high-class spa aboard cruise ship. I got a chance to work on ocean liner. The work I started was at the job position of Massage Therapist. I remember this tiny massage room without window where guest and myself barely made it inside at the same time. Within the room was just enough space for a massage bed and a small movable table with wheels where i could set my massage oil. Manager asked me: "Igor, do you know how we call this room?". I shyly replied: "I do not know." I received the following answer from her: "This is a shock room. When you get to the level of ten massages per day I'll let you pick any treatment room." I knew I had to get out of this room and the only way to a new room was: knowledge of all spa services and composition of all remedies used during treatments, to promote better of my more experienced colleagues who have long years of experience on ships, to have a high level of energy for the whole day, not to take off the smile of my face and to be the first person guests see it at all times.

I quickly got a central room with the best ocean view on the ship.