X CEI Regional Forum for Wellness and Spa industry 2019-10-22

8.30 - 9.45
Hotel Holiday Inn, Studenica Hall
10.00 - 10.20
Opening ceremony:

Natasa Ranitović, President of Wellness Cluster Serbia, Representative of MTTT

Hotel Holiday Inn, Studenica Hall
10.20 - 10.40
Keynote Speakers:

Janka Zalesakova, Vice President of the European Spa Association (ESPA), Slovakia

European Traditional Spas Based on the Use of Natural Healing Resources in the Past and Today - Its Place in Health Tourism and in Healthcare System.
Hotel Holiday Inn, Studenica Hall
10.40 - 11.20

I Panel: Cultural Heritage / Spa Tradition

Vesna Crnoglavac, Moderator, Archeologist, Museum Advisor, Niš National Museum, Mediana, Serbia, Roman Times Spa Tradition

Aleksandra Lukić, Architect, Europa Nostra Awards, Serbia

Julka Kuzmanović, Archaeologist, Museum Advisor, National Museum Toplice, Serbia

Julijana Pešić, Archaeologist, Museum Advisor, National Museum Leskovac, Serbia

Cvetanka Ristova, Dr.Sc. in Tourism and Hospitality, Goce Delcev University of Stip, Faculty of Tourism and Business Logistics, North Macedonia

Miroslava Taskova, Academician Yordan Ivanov Regional History Museum, Kyustendil, Bulgaria, Kyustendil

Hotel Holiday Inn, Studenica Hall
11.20 - 11.55

Lectures: Current Trends in Wellness Tourism

Keynote Speakers:

Michael Wallace, Thermal, Medical ,Wellness & Spa Consultant Tourism Expert /Hungarian Tourism Agency /, Speaker & Lecturer

Mental and spiritual wellness

Tobias Bielenstein, Managing Director Roman Thermal Spas of Europe, Germany

Sustainability - Shaping the Future of Spas

Omar Saheq, Sales Manager of Wellsystem JK-INTERNATIONAL GmbH, Germany

Effective and Profitable Spa Systems
Hotel Holiday Inn, Studenica Hall
12.05 - 12.25
Coffee Break
Hotel Holiday Inn, Studenica Hall
12.25 - 12.55
Keynote Speakers:

Joachim Lieber, Hon. Secretary General of the European Spas Association (ESPA), Chairman of the Association Quality in Health Prevention (Quhep), Ltd., Germany

Roman Thermal Spas of Europe – Creation and implementation of an authentic health tourism offer

Boban Djurović, Mayor of Vrnjacka Spa, Serbia

Vrnjacka Banja as an Example of Good Practice in Thermal Spa Tourism
Hotel Holiday Inn, Studenica Hall
12.55 - 13.25

II Panel Cultural Heritage / Spa Tradition And Wellness Offer

Marija Belij PhD, Assistant Professor at the University of Belgrade - Faculty of Geography, major in Tourismology, Serbia

Jelena Djurić, Senior Architect, Aqua Arts-Akvamarin LLC, Serbia

Anamarija Pažin, Aromatherapist, Laurus Slow Spa, Croatia

Mag. Zvonka Krištof, Lecturer, Higher Vocational School from Novo mesto and Lecturer at Higher Vocational School of Cosmetics and Wellness in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Dragan Bogdanić, Manager,Sokobanja Special Hospital, Serbia

Hotel Holiday Inn, Studenica Hall
13.25 - 14.25
Hotel Holiday Inn, Studenica Hall
14.25 - 15.10
Keynote Speakers:

Massimo Giovanetti, Company Consultant - Terme di Montecatini SPA, Italy

Creation of Cultural SPA Routes

Ioana Marian, Secretary General of the OPTBR, Romania

Spa culture through centuries in Romania and best practices in spa resorts using natural resources.

Florin Ajrocu, Storyteller, a guide and blogger, Romania

Mouth-to-mouth promotion and a way of working with new online media people
Hotel Holiday Inn, Studenica Hall
15.10 - 15.40

Panel III: Best Practices, Health Wellness and Spa Tourism Leaders in the Region


Moderator: Nataša Ranitović

Aleksandar Cicmil & Igor Meter, Hotel Premier Aqua, Promonte Group, Serbia

Premier Resort Vrdnik

Laura Patru, Marketing Manager, Bacolux Hotels, Romania

We own a heritage
Hotel Holiday Inn, Studenica Hall
15.40 - 16.05

Innovative EU projects

Dejan Crnomarković, National Tourism Organisation of Serbia

EDEN Project

Jasmina Savić, Manager, Tourism Organization Kursumlija

Slaviša Jovanović, Sales Director, Prolom & Lukovska SPA

Hotel Holiday Inn, Studenica Hall
Closing remarks
Hotel Holiday Inn, Studenica Hall
11.45 - 13.25

Parallel Session

Mike Wallace

Spa Master Class: SPA Management Challenges and Solutions
Hotel Holiday Inn, Ravanica Hall
14.30 - 15.00

Parallel Session


Anamarija Pažin

Short Relaxation Techniques for SPA staff
Hotel Holiday Inn, Ravanica Hall

Benefactor and institutional support

CEI Prolom voda Министарство трговине, туризма и телекомуникација Vanilica Sweetfamily Министарство културе и информисања Elpida Medical d.o.o.