EuropeSpa Expert & Consultant, Global Wellness Day Ambassador, Serbia; President Cluster Wellness Serbia, Member of Council for Clusters CCIS, GMP Ambassadors Serbia
Hon. Secretary General of the European Spas Association (ESPA) Chairman of the Association “Quality in Health Prevention (QuHeP) Ltd. Ministerialrat a.D.
Tobias Bielenstein is Head of Marketing and co-owner of EuropeSpa med & wellness GmbH as well as managing director of the Roman Thermal Spas of Europe.
Adrian Egger , Partner-Director of International Project Development -Linser Hospitality , Austria, GWD Austria
Medical spa and wellness expert Michael Wallace has worked in the health, wellness and medical tourism industries.
Tourist consultant, Spa and Termal Expert, Master class teacher
An archaeologist at the National Museum Toplice in Prokuplje. Faculty of Philosophy. Works as a museum curator in National museum of Toplica.
Docent at the Faculty of Tourism and Business Logistic in Gevgelija
Archaeological curator
Director of Directorate for Special Forms of Tourism and Tourism Infrastructure
Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Tourism sector – as an independent consultant at the position for trade research and development of tourism products.
Prof. dr Snežana Štetić is a full-time professor at College of Tourism, Belgrade Serbia
Marketing director in the Specialized Hospital ‘’Merkur’’ in Vrnjacka Spa.
Spec. lecturer at the Higher Vocational College for Cosmetics and Wellness
Assistant Director of Prolom Spa
Faculty of Medicine ,University of Belgrade, Serbia
Architect, artist, writer and theoretician of architecture

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CEI Министарство трговине, туризма и телекомуникација Razvojna agencija Srbije