Marko Gašić

Marko finished Primary school in Lukovo Spa and High school in Kuršumlija as an excellent student. He graduated from the
Faculty of Economics in Niš with average grade 9,86. He finished Master studies, Tourism
Management, at the same faculty, with the average grade 10.00 on 5th of October 2012. He was
scholarship holder of Fund for young talents „Dositeja“. He completed PhD studies at the same
faculty with average grade 9,82.
Since 13th of january 2012. he works as a professor at the Academy of Vocational Studies
South Serbia - Blace Department. He is the author of numerous science papers and co-author of
the book „Business analysis of the company“. Since 12th of Septembar 2016. he is hired by A.D.
„Planinka“ company from Kušumlija, where he works on tourism marketing activities.

Title of the presentation : Prolom and Lukovo Spa – authentic values of rural tourism
Pure nature is often a good starting point for the development of the most wonderful
tourist destinations. Natural beauties and healing waters of Toplica area were an inspiration for
development of Prolom and Lukovo Spa, two precious products of AD „Planinka“ company.
Based on healthful Prolom water, well-known around the world by its extremely high
alkalinity (pH 8,8+), the offer of Prolom Spa is focused both on healing of nephrological,
rheumatological, skin and gastroenterological diseases through customized treatment programs,
and on active vacation and modern Wellness contents. On the other hand, because of the
numerous sources of thermomineral water, Lukovo Spa has proved to be effective in the
treatment of rheumatic diseases, osteoporosis and diseases and rehabilitation of the
musculoskeletal system, but also due to possibility of swimming outdoors even during the winter.
Natural environment, wealthy cultural and historical heritage, followed by extraordinary work
ethics are similar to both of the spas, and also were a good springboard for development path
which „Planinka“ company took.
The benefits of the development of these two spa centers affected much wider area. Job
creations, usage of the product from the local manufacturers for the needs of the hotels and care
for the environment are the factors of improvment of the entire area of the Municipality of
Kuršumlija. Even though the path of development itself is hard and requires a lot of energy and
resources, it cannot be compared with resulting beauties and satisfied guests.