Alina-Cerasela Aluculesei (Avram)
  • Senior Researcher – Institute for World Economy, Romanian Academy
  • Postdoctoral Researcher - Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies
  • Enformation SRL – Project Manager
  • Catalog Med Tour medical platform – Founder and owner
  • Junior Scientific Researcher Journal – founder and Editor in Chief
  • Orcid ID:

Alina-Cerasela Aluculesei (Avram), PhD, research fellow at the Institute for World Economy, Romanian Academy, is a Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies graduate, with a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree from The Faculty of Business and Commerce. She also has a Master’s degree from the Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy in “Research and Operational Interventions in Social, Medical and Public Health Services Management”. Alina also has a PhD in business management, with the thesis “Innovative Methods in Romanian Spa Natural Resource Exploitation through Tourist Services”. Between July 2014 and November 2015 she had a research scholarship in the MINERVA cooperation project for elite PhD and post-PhD research careers. While enrolled in the MINERVA project, she benefitted from a student mobility research program, between January and April 2015, at the Lleida University in Lleida, Spain, where she analyzed the spa and wellness tourism in the Eastern part of Spain.

Since 2018, Alina is a postdoctoral fellow at Bucharest University of Economic Studies, and she is enrolled in the INOVANT project. The research theme she studies is „New ways to value tourism resources from the rural environment“ and focuses on rural wellbeing tourism. During the postdoctoral studies, Alina benefitted from a student mobility research program in February 2020 at the Bari University, Italy, where she investigated if rural wellness tourism could be implemented in the South part of Italy.

Alina is also the editor-in-chief and founder of the Junior Scientific Researcher online research journal. The publication was founded in 2015 after she won the Start-Up Smart funding project for young entrepreneurs. Another such initiative of Alina is the Catalog Med Tour platform for medical tourism, founded in 2012. She also has vast experience in organizing academic conferences, being part of the „Romanian Conference for Education and Research” organizing team, an annual event organized by Enformation company.


Title of the presentation:  Let’s talk about Rural Wellbeing Tourism – It is the time for a new approach

Short description of the intervention:

The presentation aims to enhance essential knowledge about the impact of wellbeing rural tourism on the tourism activity in countries with both high wellness&spa and ecotourism potential. The approach will consider the new profile of tourists in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the dynamism of the tourism field in Europe. Based on the research that the author has made in recent years on health tourism and wellbeing in Romania and Italy, the presentation focuses on expanding the approach of the stakeholders from the conventional spa&wellness segment to the rural area. The presentation also highlights a suggestion of cooperation between stakeholders that could boost the implementation and the impact of rural wellbeing tourism on the socio-economic development of the areas taken into consideration.