Siyka Katsarova

Siyka Katsarova is a Vice- President of the European Spas Association (ESPA    

Founder and a President of the Bulgarian Union of Balneology and spa tourism BUBSPA    (

 Mrs Katsarova has 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry of Bulgaria, last 13 years were  devoted to the  development of the Bulgarian and European health tourism/Marketing and PR/.  She was a key expert of the working group who create the regulation in the field of the medical spa, spa and wellness tourism in the Bulgarian National Legislation in the field of tourism (approved with the Tourism Act,   Jan 2016th). She is Member of the National Tourism Council in the Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism. 

Since June 2017th

Mrs Katsarova is a member of the Health Commission of the German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (